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Basecamp Summer Series- Final Results

Our Basecamp Summer Series 2014 finished up last night after 12 weeks of intense comp wall action!

It was great to see everyone battling it out on the comp wall all Summer, getting to grips with comp style problems and grappling with the volumes! We hope that you've enjoyed all the rounds and the general buzz of the series! We have to say a huge thank-you to Basecamp and to Evolv for their support, with  Basecamp vouchers for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in every round & some fab Evolv shoes for the overall winners.

Round 6 winners were 1st Ronan Browner & joint 2nd David Fitzgerald & Andrew Mawhinney and, in the female category, 1st Lucy Mitchell, 2nd Sarah Campbell & 3rd Maeve Lynskey

The overall league prizes went to...
1st Ed Cox
2nd Sean Marnane
3rd David Fitzgerald

and in the Female category...
1st Sarah Campbell
2nd Maeve Lynskey
3rd Claire Comiskey

An extra mention also has to go to Sarah Campbell, who completed all 6 of the female cash problems & as a result went into our special prize draw. Sarah is now planning her trip to Font, courtesy of Basecamp, The House & Gravity!

The Round 6 & overall league full results are now up on the noticeboard & there are a few prizewinners who still need to collect their vouchers.

Hopefully you're all ready for a little break, before the IBL's kick off on 11th October (at Gravity!) and of course, the G-Force on 9th November!!!  In the meantime, here are some brilliant pics from the Summer Series, thanks to Brian Geissel & Peter Brady!

Basecamp Summer Series Round 2 results

You can view the round 2 results here

Round 3 continues until 29th....

Basecamp Summer Series 2014- Update

Round 1 Update!

The summer series is now underway & you'll be able to try the current set of problems up until 10pm Tuesday 24th June. Round 2 will start Thursday at 6pm. We will be compiling Round 1 results and drawing  the winners of the cash problems and spot prizes Wednesday 25th- so please hand your scorecards in nice & punctually. Scorecard recieved after the Wednesday will still go into the overall league, but may miss out of the rest...
Please make sure you have got your 'Judges Initial' column completed, otherwise we won't accept your card. 

We're delighted to announce details of our Basecamp Summer Series 2014!

Last year's series was great fun & excellent motivation to keep the training up over the summer months. This year, we're back with something bigger and better! Basecamp have got on board as event sponsor & together with Evolv, they will be providing prizes for each round as well as overall league prizes for the winners! On the prize front, you can also look forward to Mens & Womens 'cash problems' in every round, as well as an extra special draw for any climbers who completes 5 of the 6 cash problems!

So, basically, it sounds amazing and you just need to know how it works and how to enter, right?

The series will kick off on 19th June and the opening night will coincide with an Evolv shoe demo and 10% off Evolv shoes for the night!

You will then have almost 2 weeks to complete the 20 problems- right up till 10pm on Tuesday 1st July. We'll then re-set the wall and kick off round 2 on 3rd July and so on. To be in with a shot of a league prize you need to hand in a card for all six rounds, but there will also be rounds prizes for each round.    
The scoring system is a simple;10 points for completing the problems first go, 7 for second go, 4 for third go and 2 for any go thereafter, and may we remind you (especially as the prizes are amazing!) that you must have your scorecard signed off by someone else who has seen you complete the problem!).

Entry costs €5/ round (€3 concessions) or €20 (€15) for the league, plus your normal admission to Gravity.  

Summer Series Round 1 results & Win a trip to Font!

The Summer Series is now in full swing- well done to all those who took part in round 1, we very much hope you enjoyed the first set of problems and that the newly textured volumes didn't make to much of a mess of your fingers : )

The winners from round 1 were as follows:
1st Sheila Nolan
2nd Claire Comiskey
3rd Sarah Campbell

1st Ciaran Scanlon
Joint 2nd: Kevin Marnane & David Fitzgerald

The winners of the cash problem draw were Sheila Nolan & Ed Cox

You can find the full results here. If you didn't manage to hand your card in yet, please do, we will still add your results to your overall league standing!

We're also very excited to announce details of an amazing prize, which is up for grabs for anyone who completes 5 out of the 6 'cash problems' over the course of the series. In each round, you'll notice that one of the problems is marked 'mens cash problem' and another is marked 'womens cash problem'. Anyone completing the cash problem in their category is automatically entered into a draw & in each round we're giving away €25 to the winners. For anyone who copletes 5 out of the 6 cash problems, we will enter you into a draw for a really special prize. We will be giving away....

2 flights from Dublin- Paris & a 30% off voucher for accomodation at the House !!!

So basically, we're giving you the chance to win a holiday in Font! which is a pretty amazing prize by any standards!

Good luck in Round 2 folks!

Summer Camp for Young Climbers at Gravity- Now enrolling for July

The Summer camp is enrolling again for the classes starting on 8th July and spaces are available. If you'd like to book for the secnd set of classes or would like more info, please get in touch!

Gravity are planning a series of camps for young climbers this summer. These days will be ideal for children who have some climbing experience and who are keen to improve their skills. The format of the camps is based on Mountaineering Ireland's 'youth development workshops' and the camps will offer small group coaching with personalised feedback for every climber. Advance booking is essential- contact us for more information. If you're not sure if you have enough climbing experience to attend, come along to one of our Saturday morning kids clubs in advance.


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