Summer Series 2016

Created on Monday, 11 July 2016 08:52

Our summer series kicks off this week, with the first of 4 rounds running between now and September. In each round you have 2 weeks to complete the problems on our comp wall, keeping track of your scores as you go. At the end of the round you'll need to hand you card in to be in with a chance at a league prize.

 The Summer Series is a really relaxed, low-pressure format and the problems are from font 4's (about the level of our green circuit) upwards. For each problem you'll need to record whether you get to the top on your, first, second or third try or on any subsequent attempt. If you've never entered a comp before it's an ideal one to start with!

 Round 1 will be set this Thursday an will be ready to start at 6pm. You'll be able to try the problems until closing time next Tuesday, then they'll be stripped off on Wednesday morning and reset on Thursday 28th, ready for round 2.