Summer Series 2017

A fun, informal competition series to keep you motivated over the summer!

For each round we will set 25 problems on the competition wall, ranging from easy (font 4's /green circuit) to hard.

Each round lasts just under 3 weeks and you can try the prolems as many times as you like.

You score 10 points for completing a problem on your first attempt, 7 for completing it on your second, 4 for your third and 2 for any attempt after that. You can try the problems at any time over the round, you just need to get a buddy to initial your card each time you complete a problem.

In each round, 2 problems will be marked 'men's cash problem' and 'women's cash problem' if you complete these you'll go into a draw for €25.

Rounds dates are:
22nd June - 11th July
13th July - 1st August
3rd August - 22nd August
24th August - 12th September

Each round will kick off at 6pm & to go into the cash problem draw, you must hand your crad in by 10pm on the last day of the round.