Changes coming to Gravity!

 We have decided that in March 2019, we will make some big changes to Gravity, which we are confident will improve everyone’s experience of climbing here.

We plan to rebuild the kids area and create a dedicated coaching area which will be suitable for introducing novices and coaching technique, but will also be ideal for warming up or drilling technique for more experienced climbers. We are hoping to include some circuits suitable for stamina training and to add a dedicated area for stretching at the side of the wall.

Unfortunately, this means that our kids area will no longer be suitable for very young children. While we do want to encourage kids to start climbing at Gravity, there will be some new entry policies for young children.

We will no longer have a dedicated area suitable for under 7’s and we will no longer be running supervision inductions for parents wishing to bring under 7’s to Gravity.  

For parents of children aged 5-7 yrs who are already registered for supervision, we will provide some additional training free of charge to allow you to use the new section. The new climbing area will not be suitable for under 5’s.

We will let you know when these changes are coming into effect, but estimate that it will be in mid March.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your child continuing to climb at Gravity.