New circuits board and warm-up area

We have recently made some changes to the area at the front of Gravity.

This area is now set up in the following way…

There are 3 ‘endurance circuits’. These are around 30 moves long and allow you to train endurance for route climbing and longer boulder problems. They’re also a good challenge and a nice way to measure your progress! You follow the holds in the numbered sequence (no matching hands!).

There is an easy traverse, with nice friendly holds ideal for warming up on!

There are also few easier boulders which we use to teach particular techniques in our induction and coaching sessions- you can also use these problems to practise your bridging, rockovers, and flagging!

The new area is also a good place to introduce guests to bouldering, if you are signing them in for the first time.

We have also created a new stretching area, just inside the windows, with a nice, comfy matted floor. We’re therefore asking you not to stretch under the circuit board, so that people can climb on it!