Bouldering is a rapidly growing discipline of climbing which takes place above a matted surface and without the use of a safety rope. At Gravity, the maximum height of our wall is 4.5 metres but this doesn’t mean that they’re not challenging! Our boulder problems are colour coded and they range from relatively easy challenges for those new to climbing, to test-pieces for even the most elite climbers.

Bouldering doesn’t require as much specialist equipment as roped climbing to get started, you don’t need a partner and our 1 hour induction course will get you started. After this, you can enjoy all that we love about our sport- an intense workout, a friendly atmosphere, a mental as well as physical challenge and the sense of achievement that comes from completing a boulder problem


There are 3 options for novice climbers to get started…




One of our coaches will introduce you to using the centre safely and explain how Gravity is laid out and how to find climbs of the right level of difficulty for you. They will then spend roughly 1 hour coaching you in some basic climbing techniques and helping you to gain some confidence on the wall. After that, you can stay as long as you like and the next time you come, it's just the price of a standard entry. Simple!

Inductions cost €25; this includes your entry to the centre and lifetime registration, hire of our specialist climbing shoes and the help of one of our fantastic climbing coaches. Inductions run weekly on Tuesday & Thursday at 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm & 6 pm. There are a maximum of 6 places, so booking is essential! During quiet periods, we can arrange inductions for a time to suit you - please contact us for more details.

You must be aged 14 or over to do an induction session & under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. Parents & guardians of juniors aged 7 - 14 yrs may do an induction with their child, so that you both get to climb and learn about using the centre. We usually run these outside of the regular slots; please contact us to book.


Group instructed sessions are a nice way for you to try out climbing with friends, family or colleagues. We tailor the session to your needs, so whether it’s team building for your company or a family day out, we have something that’s right for you. The focus is on having fun and doing lots of climbing!

The sessions last 90 mins and you or will be accompanied throughout by one of our coaches. The cost is €17pp, based on a minimum of 4 people (we’re happy take groups of less than 4, but there is a minimum charge of €50). Climbing shoes are included. Booking is essential.

Because the group session doesn’t include important information on using the centre without instructor supervision, it does not include centre registration and isn’t a substitute for completing an induction session.


Gravity members who are aged 18 or over may sign in a maximum of 2 guests at any time. Please remember that you are responsible for looking after your guests and explaining the centre’s safety guidelines & rules to them! Once you have climbed here 3 times as a guest, you may register and climb unsupervised.


Our entry policies for supervision of young children are changing from March 2019 as the ‘kids area’ no longer exists.

  • Under 7’s are not permitted to climb*

  • All supervising parents must have completed a full induction or meet the registration requirements.

At Gravity we run weekly classes for 7+ years, delivering NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme) levels 1-4. Email us to enquire about availability in these classes.

For over 14’s it is possible to attend an induction session (and some additional classes if required) and to become an independent member of Gravity; however you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for your first visit. 

Parents without climbing experience wishing to supervise children over 7 yrs old in Gravity may do so by becoming a Gravity member, either by attending a regular induction (see above) or by attending an induction with their child. Following their induction, parents can sign in children aged 7 yrs+ as their guests. A maximum of 2 guests per member is permitted at all times.

Parents who were registered to supervise in the kids area only should contact us to arrange further training before bringing children into the main area.

*Parents who are already full registered members of Gravity, prior to April 2019, or who have sufficient bouldering experience to meet the registration requirements, may sign in children aged 5 yrs and older as their guests.