New circuits board and warm-up area

We have recently made some changes to the area at the front of Gravity.

This area is now set up in the following way…

There are 3 ‘endurance circuits’. These are around 30 moves long and allow you to train endurance for route climbing and longer boulder problems. They’re also a good challenge and a nice way to measure your progress! You follow the holds in the numbered sequence (no matching hands!).

There is an easy traverse, with nice friendly holds ideal for warming up on!

There are also few easier boulders which we use to teach particular techniques in our induction and coaching sessions- you can also use these problems to practise your bridging, rockovers, and flagging!

The new area is also a good place to introduce guests to bouldering, if you are signing them in for the first time.

We have also created a new stretching area, just inside the windows, with a nice, comfy matted floor. We’re therefore asking you not to stretch under the circuit board, so that people can climb on it!

Summer Holidays! Climbing for Juniors & Families


For the summer holidays, we have several options for bringing your kids climbing in Gravity, provided they are 7yrs+.

You can book an ‘induction session’ so that a parent/ supervisor and up to 2 juniors can climb together with our instructor for an introductory lesson. During this time the instructor will go through a warm-up and some climbing technique, as well as explaining all the safety considerations you need to keep in mind while climbing here. Then they bring you around some of the climbs in the centre, getting you off to a good start, with plenty of tips and encouragement. Following the induction, the supervisor can sign in 2 juniors at any time to climb with us. Please note that there is a maximum of 2 guests permitted per adults supervisor. The cost is €22 for the adult climber and €11.50 per junior entry and shoe hire. You can continue climbing after the lesson for as long as you like.

Another option is for a family climbing session. In this case we can have an adult with up to 4 juniors, climbing under our instructor’s supervision for 90 mins. This option doesn’t include registration for future visits. The cost is €14pp, with a minimum charge of €50.

For July and August every Friday, we are also offering an extra kids club session for young climbers aged 7yrs+. The sessions are 90 mins long and are fully supervised by our instructors. You can sign up for 4 weeks at a time, for either the month of July or August. 4 classes cost €52. Please email us for full details.

Please contact us to book any of the sessions! For bookings the same or next day, phone on 017078585.

Changes coming to Gravity!

 We have decided that in March 2019, we will make some big changes to Gravity, which we are confident will improve everyone’s experience of climbing here.

We plan to rebuild the kids area and create a dedicated coaching area which will be suitable for introducing novices and coaching technique, but will also be ideal for warming up or drilling technique for more experienced climbers. We are hoping to include some circuits suitable for stamina training and to add a dedicated area for stretching at the side of the wall.

Unfortunately, this means that our kids area will no longer be suitable for very young children. While we do want to encourage kids to start climbing at Gravity, there will be some new entry policies for young children.

We will no longer have a dedicated area suitable for under 7’s and we will no longer be running supervision inductions for parents wishing to bring under 7’s to Gravity.  

For parents of children aged 5-7 yrs who are already registered for supervision, we will provide some additional training free of charge to allow you to use the new section. The new climbing area will not be suitable for under 5’s.

We will let you know when these changes are coming into effect, but estimate that it will be in mid March.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your child continuing to climb at Gravity.

Christmas presents for climbers!

We have some great ideas for Christmas presents for climbers and some special offers too! 

The shop has a great range of climbing shoes, clothing and accessories, bouldering mats, fingerboards and books. We also have great stocking fillers like books, climb-on, brushes, chalk and tape.

If you really don't know what to choose, vouchers are also available, for both memberships and our shop- we can even post them to you! We recommend looking at our memberships and passes here, but other options are also  available- e.g. 3 visits, or an introduction session or 1:1 coaching session. Just get in touch on 01 7078585 or email us:!

The last day for posting vouchers is the 20th December, so please get in touch before noon that day if you want us to post your voucher, otherwise they can be collected in Gravity!


Kids Club- extra sessions for the school holidays!

We are running some extra 'Kids Club' sessions during the summer break. These are suitable for kids aged 7+ who want to either try out bouldering or to improve their level. Since our weekend kids clubs are now fully booked, these are a great way to get started!

Classes need to be booked in advance & the cost is €40 for 4 sessions, which can be used on any of the scheduled classes. We also recommend that young climbers join the NIBAS scheme (€7) so that they can log their climbs and see their progress, as well as working towards their level 1, 2 or 3 certificates.


Summer Series 2017

A fun, informal competition series to keep you motivated over the summer!

For each round we will set 25 problems on the competition wall, ranging from easy (font 4's /green circuit) to hard.

Each round lasts just under 3 weeks and you can try the prolems as many times as you like.

You score 10 points for completing a problem on your first attempt, 7 for completing it on your second, 4 for your third and 2 for any attempt after that. You can try the problems at any time over the round, you just need to get a buddy to initial your card each time you complete a problem.

In each round, 2 problems will be marked 'men's cash problem' and 'women's cash problem' if you complete these you'll go into a draw for €25.

Rounds dates are:
22nd June - 11th July
13th July - 1st August
3rd August - 22nd August
24th August - 12th September

Each round will kick off at 6pm & to go into the cash problem draw, you must hand your crad in by 10pm on the last day of the round.

New! Youth drop-in Session

From next Tuesday, 13th September, we'll be trying out a new drop-in coaching session for young climbers aged 14+. This will be a good opportunity for young climbers who are already registered at Gravity to climb together, with a little bit of advice and encouragement from our coaches thrown in for free! It'll also be a chance for beginners aged 14- 18 to try out climbing and work towards independent climbing at Gravity over a couple of weeks. Contact us for more info!

 Youth drop-in will run weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm. Please contact us in advance if you're not already registered to climb independently at Gravity